What could possibly go wrong


What Could Possibly Go Wrong?(click to order)

The 6th chapter already in our quite productive recording existence.

It's been only going up from when we first started out and we like to express that positive vibe into our music as well.

On this occasion of producing a brand new album, we tried to continue the code of keeping it a true and honest band-album. We recorded 14 Brand new songs, full of that good spicy energy. Therefore you could take this album title quite literally....

But then again, put 5 distinct characters in a band bus traveling all over Europe and beyond,...you never know what will happen along the way;-)
Usually lots of laughter and funny stories created by nature. Food for creative thoughts that often inspires our lyrics and titles. Every time we 'hop' into our transportation towards the next gig, it is almost certain a new adventure is about to enfold. Our reward of course is to entertain the people and fans on stage, but even there...you see, we give it our all, and like to take risks within the music big time. The beauty of each and every concert being totally different and a challenge for us to fulfill.

Yea, what could póssibly go wrong? (Released April 2nd 2021)

We like that bold attitude!

As we’ve come to expect from Tristan…
Their new album "What Could Possibly Go Wrong" is packed with great grooves tight bass lines, shimmering guitars with keyboards excursions always framing every composition perfectly. The vocal harmonies are gorgeous and the leads are the icing on the cake! The question title is indicative of the time, but where the music is concerned… The answer will have to be… “Well, nothing!” Tristan jut got better!
Peace… Bluey (Incognito / Citrus Sun / STR4TA & Solo Artist)

If you didn’t know it (the song Looking Back), you could be listening to Incognito; a soulful groove with the vocals of Jaycilee Teterissa sounding just as good as Imaani from Incognito. The magic works again on I’ve Been Loving You Too Long, “I know every song that lifts you up” sings Teterissa as if she knows what we have been missing.
(4/5 rating @ Yorkshire Times – Graham Clark)

In a perfect world Tristan would be the ideal act to feature before the votes come in on the Eurovision Song Contest, which, like Tristan, is also a Dutch affair this year. .
(4/5 rating @ Yorkshire Times – Graham Clark)

The album’s a 16 tracker and the tune currently winning radio plays and chart placings is ‘Rising Up’ and it’s a perfect summation of the Tristan sound – catchy, melodic, strong lead vocal and sweet supporting harmonies over an Acid-Jazz/Euro soul backdrop.
(4/5 rating @ Soulandfunkandjazz.com – Bill Buckley )

In gewohnt flotter Manier drücken die bewährten Holländer die Grooves auf die Platte – äußerst schwungvoll, nachhaltig und mit Soul, Funk, Jazz und Pop in unterschiedlichen Zusammensetzungen. Zudem mit einem neuen „Perfect Girl“ am Mikrofon ,die gleich unmißverständlich, wer jetzt das Sagen hat.
(@Sonic Soul Reviews , GER)

Unsere niederländischen Favoriten. Mit neuem Album – und neuer Front-Dame namems Jaycilee. Aber eben auch in wohlbekannter Form und in bester Unterhaltungs-Qualität. „What Could Possibly Go Wrong?“, wenn man/frau weiß, wie Soul und Jazz und Funk (und auch ein wenig vom Pop) wirkungsvoll zusammensetzt und das Resultat auch noch mit Können und Freude am Spiel über die Bühne bringt. Die Antwort liefert das sechste Album des Quintetts, dessen vierzehn Songs sich nahtlos den Groove-Stab weitergeben. Da kann nix schieflaufen. Und los geht’s.
(@Sonic Soul Reviews , GER )

A hot rhythm section and harmony-soaked backing vocals serve as a backdrop for Teterissa to strut her vocal stuff. And she uses it to convey an absolutely relatable lyrical story
(@Soultracks USA )

Netherlands-based R&B band Tristan has been getting us moving for years. The quintet has a keen sense of classic soul, funk and pop, and they bring high energy to every song on their always-fun albums. When it comes to full bodied music, Tristan is always on time.
(@Soultracks USA )

It's tough to sit still when listening to Netherlands-based R&B band Tristan. The quintet has a keen sense of classic soul, funk and pop, and they bring high energy to every song on their always-fun albums. (according to Soultracks USA)

Funky rhythm guitars, Hammond, Fender Rhodes and synths, and a rhythm section that has been performing together for decades playing solid grooves and tight, punchy arrangements that have since become their trademark.

All of this underpins Jaycilee's stunningly beautiful vocals and her soulfulness complements the Jazz aspect really well. It will take you back to that great warm sound of the 70's, with a fresh breeze of influences from the present.

While Tristan’s music may sound like bands such as Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy, or classic Acid Jazz acts such as Incognito and the Brand New Heavies - who all produce high energy grooves - what makes this group stand out from their contemporaries is the high quality of the compositions and arrangements.

Tristan's debut release, ‘Full Power’ - which featured US soul singer Heston, UK saxophone maestro Nigel Hitchcock and legendary American trumpeter Randy Brecker - received rave reviews, while their highly acclaimed follow-up, ‘2nd Phase’, proved that this is a band with something to say, both albums going straight to No 1 in the UK soul charts. The group stunned again with ‘Lifestyle’, Tristan’s third album released in spring 2016 receiving many plaudits including:

Jazz FM , A-list for 8 weeks
Live @ Jazz FM
Live @BBC radio Robert Elms
NPO Jazz & Soul playlist for over 8 weeks
Rave reviews in OOR , Blues &Soul Magazine, Platomania.
34 in UK soulchart top 100,
Best soul album and band 2016 - Colourful Radio UK
Bright Star Award 2016– nomination Best Soul/R&B Album, Best Band

Their success has seen them touring Indonesia, Japan, France, Poland, United Kingdom, Germany and Romania to name a few.

In 2017 they released worldwide a 'live in concert' album with an extended band .
Though their latest 5th album is recorded with only 'the 5-piece core' of the band expect to hear the full range of Tristan's hallmark uplifting, pure and energetic grooves on 'The Spice of Five' . This CD was released worldwide in April 2019. In June 2019 there has been a special Japanese release through Sweet Soul Records Tokyo.

With utmost pride, we present the music of our 5th completed album to date: "The Spice of Five".
Looking back on our journey as a band, it's obvious to feel pride and joy of our work so far.
O, do crank it up loud and groove along with us!

We give you a recipe to dance:)

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