About The Band

''The best of the seventies brought to 2024'' is what TOTO guitarist and singer Steve Lukather came up with when he heard the music of TRISTAN!

Dutch five-piece Tristan's music can be best described as feel-good vintage Acid Jazz, with the energy, vibe and sounds of today,
performed by some of the best contemporary pop/jazz musicians from Europe.

Funky rhythm guitars, Hammond, Fender Rhodes and synths, and a rhythm section that has been performing together for decadesplaying solid grooves and tight, punchy arrangements that have since become their trademark. All this underpins singer Irma Derby's stunningly beautiful and soulful vocals. It will take you back to that great warm sound of the 70's, with a fresh breeze of influences from the present. While Tristan’s music may sound like bands such as Tower of Power, Snarky Puppy, or classic Acid Jazz acts such as Incognito and the Brand New Heavies - who all produce high energy grooves - what makes this group stand out from their contemporaries is the high quality of the compositions and arrangements.

Tristan's debut release, ‘Full Power’ - which featured US soul singer Heston, UK saxophone maestro Nigel Hitchcock and legendary American trumpeter Randy Brecker - received rave reviews, while their highly acclaimed follow-up, ‘2nd Phase’, proved that this is a band with something to say, both albums going straight to No 1 in the UK soul charts.

The group continued to surprise again, in 2016 with 'Lifestyle' and 2017 'Live in Concert'. Those CD's brought them in 2016/ 2017 all over the world: Japan, United Kingdom , Germany, Poland, Romania, Denmark Luxembourg, France.
2019 brought 'The Spice of Five" , recorded with only the 5-piece core of the band.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong is their sixt album, and was released worldwide April 2021.
Release on the 3rd of March 2023 was "SEVEN ",the already 7th album of TRISTAN
This release brought over 75 concerts (and counting) in 2023 and 2024:)
Happy to announce that on the 4th of April 2025, a new album entitled "Frou-Frou" will be released!

Looking forward to seeing you in real life soon .

Our biography

Featuring vocalists over the last decade : The TRISTAN heart of the band (drummer Sebastiaan / bassist Frans and keyboardist Coen ) has always been keen on inviting different singers throughout the years. That won’t be any different on the upcoming album Frou-Frou, and this tour around our album SEVEN.

 Still a surprise ,but revealed around the new singles in September 2024 and January 2025.
Looking back into the last decade, with guests as Evelyn Kallansee ,Kasper Nova, Heston, Jaycilee, Irma Derby (current singer) and Francesco Cottone the result will be stunning as always!  

Coen Molenaar is a fulltime musician, composer and producer working worldwide and in a wide range of styles like Jazz, Fusion, Dance, Funk, R&B. Studied at the conservatory of Utrecht with Bert vd Brink and Jasper v/h Hof. Still touring with the legendary Jan Akkerman,and his own piano trio The New Conrad Miller Trio. He also worked with Bluey, Incognito (latest album Into You) Chris Hinze, Deborah Carter, Do (Heaven) , Randy Brecker, Carole Denis/Nick van Gelder (former Jamiroquai) and Des'Ray.
Frans Vollink at age 16, he got hooked to the electric bass. He studied at several Music Academies. After graduating Frans had the great fortune to play with some of the finest musicians around like Randy Brecker, Gerard Presencer, Nigel Hitchcock and Wayne Johnson.
Dutch drummer Sebastiaan Cornelissen studied at The Conservatory of Amsterdam. Later he worked as an 'in demand' live and session artist as well as a teacher at The Royal Academy of Music. Sebastiaan produced numerous of albums since and worked with artists such as Randy Brecker, Gary Willis and Gary Husband.
Glenn Schwarzer ,born in 1979 in Alphen a/d Rijn and raised in the Dutch city of Alkmaar, picked up the guitar at the age of ten. In 1998 Glenn was admitted to the Conservatory in Alkmaar. Glenn has played and collaborated with various acclaimed and famous artists, both nationally and internationally: Tom Brown, Alain Clark, Boris van der Lek, Copycat, Steam, Dillon Lewis to name a few


  • (Bluey, Incognito)
    “It gives me great pleasure to spread the news of Tristan's new album. Dutch jazz fusion and soul at it's finest! A collection of instrumentals that will enthral musicians everywhere and beautifully penned songs with gorgeous voices! Check it out! Peace... Bluey"

    "Tristan were an absolute blast! They nailed it right from the first number, impressing the audience with their exemplary musicianship and original compositions." Steve Wright, Jazz Curator, Colchester Arts Centre Jazz Club, UK

    "Tristan's uplifting grooves and consummate musicianship provided an upbeat energy that well fitted our festival vibe. Hopefully more UK audiences will get the chance to discover them." Tony Benjamin, Bristol Harbourfest 2016
  • ( Paul Miller @ BBC radio)
    “We could be looking at album of the year here. The band are all brilliant artists in their own right, but put together, the sound they produce is nothing short of pure magic. I can only describe Tristan's music as soulful jazz-funk of the highest order - this album is simply wonderful.! ESSENTIAL! ”
  • (Steve Lukather)
    “The best of the 70-ties brought to 2014! Congrats on making FRESH burning album yet still groovin’ ……. with melody and surprises. Knocked out! Luke ”